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In October 2014, the CaNINE Plus team made the decision to concentrate on the very successful Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy side of the business. Since then, the Council has granted the necessary change of use permission allowing us to change the turn the main shop area into a Waiting Room and Reception for our Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy customers. These changes were completed in November 2014. These changes were also able to allow Barbara to take semi-retirement at Easter 2016.

We do still stock a few items to keep our hydrotherapy customers and the local dog population happy! We hold many healthy treats such as Pet Munchies, Antos, Fish for Dogs as well as the usual suspects such as Pigs and Cows ears!

We also stock Red Dingo collars, leads and harnesses and can also arrange a Red Dingo ID tag for you which is still a legal requirement. Alongside Red Dingo we also stock Dog Games harnesses, a particular favourite for patients with particular physical needs. Please note that we do NOT however stock the Perfect Fit version of this harness but can put you in touch with a local supplier who does.

We have also continued to keep Trover coats and Hotter dog.