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In 2012, Bex completed her studies with CEP Training and gained the Level 7 AdvCertVPhys (Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy).

This has allowed us to expand and improve the service we can offer to pets attending Canine plus. Almost all the physiotherapy we offer is combined with hydrotherapy in our water treadmill. Bex’s speciality is offering manual physiotherapy techniques whilst in the water with the patient, these techniques include Range of Movement techniques, massage and assistance with gait re-patterning. Bex is also able to offer a home exercise programme for any dogs attending hydrotherapy that require extra help between sessions. This home programmes allows owners to assist their pets at home by providing massage, passive exercises and active exercises.

Being able to offer physiotherapy also means that any animal unable to receive hydrotherapy (skin/ear complaints/in season bitches) can still benefit from a rehabilitation programme.

Physiotherapy can be particularly valuable for patients recovering from orthopaedic surgery or those suffering with neurological problems.

As with hydrotherapy, veterinary permission must be gained before any physiotherapy treatment can commence.