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Bex Atherton BSc(Hons), AdvCertVPhys, RVN:

Bex is the co-owner and full time Hydrotherapist at CaNINE Plus. She began her career as a trainee Veterinary nurse in April 2002 on her return from travelling in Australia (following the completion of her degree in Environmental Science at Nottingham University). She qualified as an RVN (registered veterinary nurse) in 2005. During her training and as a qualified nurse, Bex worked alongside several orthopaedic vets, and built up an interest in orthopaedic and neurological cases. She has assisted in countless orthopaedic operations and this in turn led to an interest in the rehabilitation of these cases. Bex could see that there was a great need for a facility offering canine Hydrotherapy in the Gosport area, and set up Canine plus in 2007. She has attended Hydrotherapy training at both Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Training Centre and K9 Hydro Services. More recently, she has completed all the modules needed to gain the new Level 3 Qualification in small animal hydrotherapy.

Bex’s interest in rehabilitation has continued to grow, and in 2010 she decided that she needed to increase her knowledge further and started to research animal Physiotherapy courses. She was soon enrolled on the Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy run by CEPTraining and accredited by IRVAP (Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists). She completed this course in July 2012, passing her final exams with a merit! Bex is confident that the advanced knowledge she has gained from this course will increase the level of service CaNINE Plus can offer.

On the rare occasion that you don’t fine Bex with the treadmill, she enjoys an outdoor life. She loves living by the sea and is a PADI qualified open water diver! The majority of her spare time is commanded by ‘Alfie-Rossi’, her rescue Springer Spaniel x  and ‘Bertie-Simoncelli’, her rescue Labrador x Springer.


Barbara is Bex’s Mum. She is also the co-owner of CaNINE Plus, she took semi retirement in 2016 after nearly 9 years working more or less full time on reception. However Bex was not going to let her retire fully and she is still responsible for all the 'behind the scenes' admin! Accounts, banking, ordering and generally keeping an eye on things! Barbara owns Brucie the border terrier, and like Bex, she enjoys the outdoors and can often be found on the beach or in the Alver Valley with Brucie…and often with Alfie and Bertie in tow!



Simon is Bex’s ‘significant other’! (In fact as of April Fools Day 2017 Husband!) Trained in Hydrotherapy and canine first aid, he is also a computer wizard, DIY and maintenance guru and well known for his bad jokes. Simon helped Bex research, design and build Canine plus. He is an engineer by trade and designed most of the hydrotherapy room and even helped install the water treadmill on its arrival. He helps maintain all the water treadmill plant equipment, and on most of our weeks off, he can be found in the treatment room or plant room ‘fiddling’ and ‘improving’!  Bex says: “I would not be where I am today without Simons understanding, and deep interest in what I do for a living”.


Reception/Admin Team:

Joy has been with us many years and knows the business inside out, partly because her daughter Holly has worked for us in the past! Like the rest of the team team Joy enjoys out door life and has horses as well as dogs and many other animals. Sarah joined us more recently. Bex first got to know Sarah very well as she was for many years a client, bringing the adorable Humphrey for a weekly session for more years than we care to remember. She just couldn't keep away!!! She has recently become the proud owner of a new Goldie pup! Heather is our most recent addition to the team, in keeping with the theme she is also a client" Dorothy one of her clumber spaniels had some spinal issues and needed our help...the rest as they say is history! Our 3 admin ladies split the week between them and are available to answer your questions, book appointments, take new referrals, keep the 'front of house' running like a well oiled machine and probably most importantly keep Bex's tea cup re-filled!!


Brucie, Border terrier:

Owned by Barbara, Brucie was bred in Stubbington and joined the family in 2008. He spends most of his days at the business. He has proven himself to be a star on the water treadmill.

Alfie-Rossi, Cocker cross Springer Spaniel:

Alfie came into Bex and Simon’s lives in 2010 with a bang! He desperately needed a home and although Bex was adamant she did not have time for a dog…he ended up coming to live with them, and has turned their lives upside down. He was originally know as just ‘Alfie’, but has found himself with a middle name due to Simon’s huge interest in Moto GP racing!

Bertie-Simoncelli, Labrador cross Springer:

Bertie joined Bex and Simon in 2012. He is true to his 'cross' breed, and is hugely active on his walks like a Springer but is a typical lab once home, curling up on the sofa. He also found himself with a middle name thanks to Simon.