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Welcome to CaNINE Plus Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation
CaNINE Plus was set up in 2007 by mother and daughter and co-owners Bex Atherton and Barbara Atherton. After completing a degree in Environmental Science at Nottingham University, travelling in Austrailia, and working as a qualified veterinary nurse, Bex could see that there was a great need for a facility offering canine Hydrotherapy in the Gosport area.
CaNINE Plus originally had a Hydrotherapy pool, however in 2011, after 12 months of research, an underwater treadmill was added to our established Hydrotherapy facility. The water treadmill provided us with an alternative method for carrying out hydrotherapy treatments. It offers the support and resistance that Hydrotherapy in a pool offers, but involves minimal weight bearing, and offers more control, allowing the Hydrotherapist to alter water level and treadmill speed throughout each session.
In late 2014, due to the huge demand for hydrotherapy in the water treadmill, coupled with our pool approaching the end of its service life, we made the decision not to replace the pool and work with the water treadmill only.
In the three and a half years we used the pool and the water treadmill side by side we trialled most of our long term dogs that had always used the pool in the water treadmill and found that all were either responding the same or better when using the water treadmill. Most clients reported significant improvements in their dogs when using the water treadmill.

Hydrotherapy: from the Greek meaning, quite literally 'water healing'. Hydrotherapy is reduced impact exercise; the buoyancy of the water creates an environment which helps to relieve stiffness and pain and supports weak joints. The water offers stress free support for joints and muscles and allows increased range of movement within the joints. Warm water helps with pain relief and promotes vasodilation, increasing blood flow to muscles and joints. Hydrotherapy helps to restore and maintain muscle tissue and improve circulation and cardiovascular fitness.